Refinancing a Home

Home Mortgage Refinance

Whether your goal is a lower monthly payment, shorter loan term, taking cash out, or consolidating high-interest debt, Pamela Riesenberg and her experienced team at Finance of America Mortgage will help you compare your refinancing options.

Pamela's team will take a close look at your financial goals, match them with the best programs available, and guide you through the loan process. Her team has many years of experience navigating the ever changing landscape of home lending and their large list of contacts in the lending space becomes an additional resource during your refinancing process. You can count on Pamela and her professionals working with you to help you select the loan suited to your personal situation and goals.

The Home Refinancing Process

When you work with Pamela and her team in Salem, NH, you will follow a professional, streamlined process that will make your refinancing program as easy as possible. Contact our office today to learn how Finance of America Mortgage makes refinancing simple and stress-free.