Green Technology Becoming a Big Factor for Prospective Home Owners

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The National Association of Home Builders (NHAB) has published a new report suggesting that now, more so than at any time in the past, prospective homeowners are weighing “green” technology as a critical factor when making home-buying decisions. Aside from the obvious environmental concerns, clean technology can lead to a homeowner saving serious money in energy costs over the course of their stay at a particular residence. While the prospect of paying more upfront for a “green” home than one would otherwise have to is still a major hurdle for many to overcome, the data suggests that clean energy conservation, or maybe just the savings associated with it, has become a key factor in the market.

Energy efficiency was polled as the 2nd most important consideration for home purchases with 88% of people polled claiming that it’s a factor. The only consideration more universal is community safety (90%). Rounding out the top five are the amount of maintenance needed (85), operating costs/taxes (85%), and physical home durability (84%). Green technology becoming an increasing concern for buyers also indicates that they’re looking to stay in homes longer, as opposed to flipping them as a quick investment.

When it comes to choosing –and financing- a home, there’s no set-in-stone key factors. What matters and what doesn’t matter is up to you. The primary goal of both your realtor and lender is to cater to your specific needs/desires to make your dream home, based on whatever factors you choose, a possibility.