Jobs Report set for Friday release, will rates go up?

Monday, August 31, 2015

The latest edition of the monthly “Jobs Report”, which will look at the month of July, is set to come out this Friday. The data in the report, specifically the unemployment rate and non-farm payrolls, will impact decisions from both investors and the Federal Reserve. Given the impressive GDP numbers released last week, many analysts believe a positive jobs report could lead to a significant rate hike in the month of September.

Nationally, we’ve seen three consecutive months with job gains of over 200,000, and the unemployment rate is expected to undergo a slight improvement, dipping to 5.2%. However, some economists are not so confident that the report will lead to increased rates, as they believe numerous international factors could impact the FED’s decision making.

Regardless, it’s something to monitor throughout the week, especially if you’re currently taking the initial steps to purchasing/financing a home.