Part 5: The Do's and Don'ts of Disputing

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

PART 5 OF 9: Credit Education Video Series

Have you scanned thru your credit report only to find a credit card with a whopping balance that doesn't belong to you? What about a second mortgage listed, when you only have one loan on your home? Disputing items on your credit report is an absolute must, especially when you find information on your report that does not belong to you or is reported incorrectly. Did you know that if you do not follow the proper measures when disputing, then your efforts can actually have the opposite effect on your credit and your score could actually go down? I want to make sure that the effort and energy that you are putting into the dispute process, produces the results that you deserve and that's why I wanted to share this extremely valuable tip with you-Disputing Do's and Don'ts. If you invest six minutes and tune into this quick video tip, not only will you save yourself hours of frustration and unnecessary work but you'll learn the ten tips that will help you avoid the credit disputing mistakes that many consumers make.