Jim and Sue Desjardins

We can’t say enough good things about Pamela Riesenberg and the entire staff at your Salem NH branch. The challenges of owning a small business had made it quite difficult to obtain a low interest loan. After being turned away by other lending institutions, we met with Pamela and she simply asked us to let her take a look at our WHOLE picture. We were pleasantly surprised when she said she felt she could help. After tirelessly working with the underwriters and jumping thru many hoops, she was able to help us consolidate some debt and refinance our home at a GREAT RATE! Saving us $100.00 a month in interest alone – this has impacted our lives in a very positive way. In addition, Stephanie Silvia went above and beyond to make the change without a hitch, ensuring that we have, and will continue to recommend PMAC to our friends and family.